A waiting game

It’s a Monday morning and I took care of quite a lot over the weekend. I guess first I should start on Saturday, when I spent nearly 7 hours at the barn getting ready for and filming 13 classes/tests for three different virtual horse shows. (The filming only took about 3 hours, and that includes … More A waiting game

Rainy day sketches

Since it’s currently rather chilly and rainy (48 F), I figured today was a good time to plan out where things might go once the frame is complete and the sprouts start growing. I came up with a simple sketch of where these veggies (and herbs) could be planted. The plants include: Lettuce – Iceberg … More Rainy day sketches

Growing and thriving in a new “normal”

Here I’ll be blogging my adventures during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. This is in conjunction with my position at the University of Tennessee’s library, having had a position there since Dec. 2017 as a “knowledge courier” (library materials deliverer to professors and graduate students through Library Express, the library’s material logistics department). Since the … More Growing and thriving in a new “normal”