Horsing around – virtually

Since I finished the frame yesterday evening, the only thing that really remains now is getting a load or two of manure (which can’t really happen until the weekend).

I realize that I’m pretty lucky in that I have easy access to this type of fertilizer, and I know where it came from and how long it has sat. I oughta – most came from my horse and I shoveled/dumped it myself nearly everyday for the past ~7 years.

Speaking of my horse, Hank, I think he’s the biggest reason I haven’t gone completely bonkers through all of this. He’s a treat mongering dork who never fails to make me smile … or bring me back to an actual reality of having to live in the moment, as he does.

Normally, we would begin our competition season around the first weekend in April, although present conditions have made that impossible.

There is an interesting situation going on in the horse world right now regarding showing/competitions. Many are being postponed or out-right canceled during the beginning of this pandemic, forcing us equine teams to find a new outlet to compete.

Thanks to modern technology, we can still show through online or virtual horse shows, right from the comfort of our own homes or private barns. The process seems relatively simple: you pay your fee for the classes you enter, you video riding your pattern or ride, you post said video, and then you wait for the results. If you place, congrats – you’ll get a ribbon and possibly a check in the mail as your winnings.

So, all in all, not much different than an actual show process-wise.

I am curious to try a handful of these online shows with Hank, including dipping our toes/hooves in western dressage. We’ll see how it goes – I’ll keep things posted on it, and may even do some YouTube videos regarding it.

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