A waiting game

It’s a Monday morning and I took care of quite a lot over the weekend.

I guess first I should start on Saturday, when I spent nearly 7 hours at the barn getting ready for and filming 13 classes/tests for three different virtual horse shows. (The filming only took about 3 hours, and that includes time spent setting up and taking down obstacles and patterns.)

Screenshot_20200405-103316_Video Player

I’ll go into more detail in tomorrow’s post and in later posts once I get our results back, but overall I feel like we did pretty darn good.

Because my Saturday was filled up with horsing around, I didn’t get much of a chance to do any gardening stuff until Sunday.

So, with a load of manure, a frame to nail together, and six packs of seeds to plant, my Sunday afternoon was fairly full. (It sounds like harder work than it was – it really only took about an hour-and-a-half all together.)


After much fun unloading all the, well, $h!+, it was leveled out in the frame. Around the outside of the frame I stretched some plastic wildlife netting; although the height of the netting is actually 7′, I decided to double it over, making it 3.5′ high. We have more issues out of rabbits than deer. (Although, we have seen our deer population grow over the past few years …)


After a short break I began planting the seeds, using the guide I drew up last week. Everything went into the ground except 6 SmartPak containers of lettuce (4 of iceberg, 2 of salad mix). I figured I would experiment with the lettuce a bit, planting half a row of each type and starting the remaining seeds in the SmartPaks. I’ve never been good at growing lettuce, so I want to see if this will make any sort of difference.


With everything planted now, it only remains to wait until until little sproutlings start to pop up. We’re supposed to get a little rain later this week, so I’ll hold off on watering unless the bed starts looking a bit too dry – right now the manure is moist enough without needing any extra water.

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