Framing a new hobby

Over the weekend I braved the hysteria for a quick lumber trip to Lowes, picking up two 2x6x6 and two 2x6x10 boards to make a frame for a raised garden bed. While there I also picked up some wildlife netting – gotta keep those critters out if you want to harvest anything later.

With alternating shade/sunlight depending on the time of day and good natural drainage, this spot seems to be ideal for the raised bed.

The main goal is to start off using my horse’s used SmartPak supplement containers as planters and later transfer the sprouted seedlings to the raised garden bed.

SmartPak strips can be easily reused and seem to be the perfect starter for seeds that need it.

The bed itself, having already been tilled (thanks to some beautiful 80 F days), will need to be filled in with some old, ready to use manure from the barn, then mixed in with the tilled up dirt. This should provide a good nutrient-rich environment for the plants to grow in.

The only thing that remains now is finishing the construction of the frame, getting the manure, and planting the seeds in the SmartPak container strips.

6 types of seeds for this bed – corn, okra, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers will be grown in separate places.


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