The first foal

Despite having nearly 13 years of horse experience (riding, training, showing, caring for, etc.), I had never witnessed a foal being born. Sure, I’d seen plenty of videos on it, and even been the first human contact for a few foals – thanks to some sneaky broodmares – but actually being present for a foaling … More The first foal

A Filly is Born

Figured I might want to scratch down the events that unfolded last night, so buckle up because it’s a bit of a ride. First, it actually started off fairly quiet, as I tagged along to pick up our broodmare and new colt (born April 26th) from the vet clinic. (Mare was considered slightly high risk, … More A Filly is Born

Growing and thriving in a new “normal”

Here I’ll be blogging my adventures during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. This is in conjunction with my position at the University of Tennessee’s library, having had a position there since Dec. 2017 as a “knowledge courier” (library materials deliverer to professors and graduate students through Library Express, the library’s material logistics department). Since the … More Growing and thriving in a new “normal”


Now that we’ve seemed to settle into a new normal, there are a few things I’ve noticed. One, my overall routine hasn’t changed too much. I still go to the barn (now everyday) to take care of and ride Hank. I still wait around every evening pushing off the inevitable assignment for an hour or … More Quranthinking