Now that we’ve seemed to settle into a new normal, there are a few things I’ve noticed.

One, my overall routine hasn’t changed too much. I still go to the barn (now everyday) to take care of and ride Hank. I still wait around every evening pushing off the inevitable assignment for an hour or so.


It’s even cheaper to fill up my car. With gas prices below even a $1.50 right now, I can put a full tank of gas in my car for about $12.50. Granted, before all this happened I would only spend about $16 at the pumps – and the car’s an ’88 Toyota Corolla with roughly a 9-gallon tank – but still. It’s cheap.


Other than my morning routine of waking up at 6 am to drive down to campus to stake my claim on a choice parking spot by 7 am, nothing has really changed. Granted, I miss seeing all the professors, students, and office staff on my book delivery routes. I miss walking around campus – especially this time of year – and seeing all the trees and flowers in bloom.

Everything’s a bit different, yet it’s not at the same time. It’s an odd oxymoron of feelings right now, probably for all of us.

Hopefully things will start hinting back at the normal we knew before sooner rather than later, but there’s not point in rushing things until it’s safe again.


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