Jumping between disciplines

With 2/3rds of our classes filmed for our next online show (that’s 14 classes out of 20, mind you), it’s time to start working towards the last 1/3rd – all of our English classes.


Hank’s pretty good at most things English; it’s me that needs the work. Diagonals kill me every time, especially recently.

I’ve been a little guarded and insecure about entering any English classes since last October. I’ve slacked on working on them till now, partly because I don’t really *need* to on Hank and partly because I’ve been busy working on other things with him, like trail challenges.

So, that’s something I have to focus on before the next time we film. Then there’s our jumping.

We’re signed up for two 2’3″ jumping classes (I spent all day Sunday building new jump standards out of some scrap wood we had around the house). This will be our first time jumping an actual course and the highest we’ve jumped for a competition.

I lunged Hank over a few of the jumps the past couple of days, to make sure he was comfortable going over them by himself first. This also allowed me to see that I need to stay out of Hank’s way when jumping, as he’s picked up how to do things correctly over the past two years.

The extra cups I ordered that hold the poles for jumping will arrive next week, and Hank gets his hooves trimmed and shoes reset next week too – that gives us about a week or so to polish things up … and for me to get my act together.

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