It’s another rainy Monday, which knocks me out from working in the garden (although it’s looking pretty good so far). So, in lieu of shots of sprouts I’ve got some shots of powder thrown at Hank. As part of my Photo II class we were assigned two self-defined projects. (It was three projects and included … More Horsepow(d)er

The end of an era

I gotta say, I’ve been pretty lucky in life when it comes to opportunities, and quick on my feet to jump on them. That was the case two years ago, in early August of 2018. I saw a chance to take a columnist/opinions position at the UT Daily Beacon, the University of Tennessee’s editorially independent … More The end of an era

A goal and a score

Recently (as in April 4th), Hank and I tried a bit of Western Dressage through the online “show” Dressage Show Online. Yesterday, April 8th, we received our scores for the two tests we filmed and submitted. And wouldn’t you know it, we didn’t do half bad. In the few days between submitting and getting results … More A goal and a score

The balancing act of work, school, and … quarantine?

I have to admit, my motivation has been low these past few weeks. Imagine the perceived “senioritis” that happens to upperclassmen – now times that by a hundred. Do I want to do art, sketching and painting and creating, something I haven’t done seriously in several years? Hmm … maybe, but I don’t know if … More The balancing act of work, school, and … quarantine?

A waiting game

It’s a Monday morning and I took care of quite a lot over the weekend. I guess first I should start on Saturday, when I spent nearly 7 hours at the barn getting ready for and filming 13 classes/tests for three different virtual horse shows. (The filming only took about 3 hours, and that includes … More A waiting game