The balancing act of work, school, and … quarantine?

I have to admit, my motivation has been low these past few weeks. Imagine the perceived “senioritis” that happens to upperclassmen – now times that by a hundred.

Do I want to do art, sketching and painting and creating, something I haven’t done seriously in several years? Hmm … maybe, but I don’t know if my skills would still be there after such a long break.

I could work on some projects and presentations for the few classes I have this semester, but it’s so easy to procrastinate finishing them when you’re stuck at home and have other things to do. Besides, it’s not like I’ll get to actually walk across the stage when we were supposed to, so what’s actually the point in trying to do a decent job? (It’s still unclear if we will have a ceremony at all. No word yet on a later date.)

Obviously, I’ll eventually finish them and turn in a decent completed project, but the spark that would’ve been there is missing.


So here we are. Stuck in a never-ending loop of binging M*A*S*H reruns with the occasional switch over to the 1980s Russian Sherlock Holmes series. I don’t even have it in me to read anything. Thank God for Hank for keeping me on somewhat of a routine.

There’s about two weeks left of the semester – three and a half if you count finals week.

Let’s see how this goes, and let’s hope for a semi-strong finish in this unprecedented time.

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