A goal and a score

Recently (as in April 4th), Hank and I tried a bit of Western Dressage through the online “show” Dressage Show Online.

Yesterday, April 8th, we received our scores for the two tests we filmed and submitted. And wouldn’t you know it, we didn’t do half bad.

In the few days between submitting and getting results I decided to sorta ‘judge’ our two tests myself, just to prepare myself for what I’d consider the worst score we might get … in other words, what we could expect from some rather intense and harshly critical judging.

So, I was expecting scores in the low-to-mid 60% range, which in itself isn’t too terrible for a first try, even at an Intro level.

Imagine my surprise when I saw we had scored a 71.14% and a 70.28%, respectively.

Screenshot (143)

In the short time since filming those tests, Hank and I have already improved many of the rough areas highlighted in the judge’s comments.

Where does that leave us, then? Usually folks move up to the next level once they score this high. Since we’re still relatively new to this whole thing, the next virtual show that’s  offered we’ll finish off the two remaining tests in Intro, then try a Basic level test (adding in a lope and a few other more complex maneuvers).

Overall, I’m tickled pink at our first little dip into the world of dressage. Once the results are finalized and ribbons are mailed to us, I’ll make/post a YouTube vlog explaining the tests and judge’s comments.

Until then, straight down the centerline we’ll go.

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