Going clubbing: open horse shows near Knoxville


Finding a local show for fun or for schooling can be difficult for both the experienced and inexperienced equestrian. Although Knoxville may not have a venue for equine activities, there are plenty of saddle clubs an hour or less from the city. Here are some of the open horse shows around the area:


A 18″ course awaits competitors at White Stables.

White Stables, located one hour away in Vonore, is a stable that has recently popped up in the area. Although they mainly focus on boarding and clinics, they do offer the occasional show. Check their website for details on shows and clinics, http://www.whitestablestn.com/.


Competitors line up after a class at East Tennessee Riding Club.

East Tennessee Riding Club, located in Oak Ridge, offers a 4-H show in May and open shows from August to October. Their open shows include gaited, ranch, western, English and speed classes. Their next open show is October 6th. For more information, visit their website at http://etnridingclub.org/.


Riverdale Saddle Club welcomes competitors and spectators.

For walking/racking horse enthusiasts, Riverdale Saddle Club is the main place to show in the area. Although they focus on gaited horses, they also have western and English classes. Located 15 minutes from downtown Knoxville, they offer shows on the third Saturday of the month from April to October. Their next show is October 27th. For more details and this year’s high points, visit http://riverdalesaddleclub.weebly.com/.


Bays Mountain Saddle Club offers classes for multiple disciplines with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Bays Mountain Saddle Club, located 30 minutes from downtown in Seymour, offers a wide variety of classes for disciplines at every show including gaited, western, English, and speed. Their show series goes from April to October with shows on the first Saturday of every month. Their next show is October 6th. For more details, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Bays-Mountain-Saddle-Club-436227099788234/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdwNe31eF7yrBPGb10fheBPyOXVb1aeelUTVRwhzYORGvQ%3AAdwKNugOdKtSvaEPt77Vr30O6gnhuXPPLiLzioIwjzUGog.



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